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Google AI Computer Wins 5-0

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Google AI

Google’s artificial intelligence computer has beaten the European champion of the board game Go. Not just once, but 5 to 0. This game is far more difficult than Chess as it requires more than merely creating lists of patterns to beat. It requires strategy.

Our computer has accomplished the same but in forecasting. Our list of calls that have been correct in so many markets for decades demonstrates this is no PERSONAL opinion. There is a lot more going on behind the curtain.

The language is the big job. Fixing the porting bugs to enable human language so that we can ask it questions to receive a verbal analysis of the research is by no means an easy task. This is something so many have tried to abscond with over the years. It is the code they demanded from me that I refused to turn over, which I believe would have ended up behind closed doors at Goldman Sachs. These people would never comprehend the code anyway since it really is a mind-twisting job to program something that requires a deep learning process in a complicated subject to outperform human capabilities. This has taken far more than money; it has taken me a lifetime to get this far. Porting this from machine language to function on the web for global access is, in itself, a huge challenge.

We are getting there.

To those interested in machine learning, these are the qualification needed to join our programming team on the delivery side:

Skills Required
  • .NET/C#
  • JQuery/Javascript
  • MongoDB
  • Deep understanding of OOP
Preferred Skills
  • CSS / Design Principals
  • Understanding of finance
  • VB6 / VB.NET
  • Development and management of legacy systems.