World Share Markets & the Mother of All Financial Crises

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Socrates has really been off the charts. I moved 401k and Roth money to cash in mid January and can not thank you enough!
In a private blog post in October, you showed the quarterly S&P with a possible high in Q1, and decline thereafter. Is it now possible that, given the directional changes this coming week, and in March, that the share markets could rise from here into 2021? That would also fit the quarterly array as well I believe. There are no other monthly directional changes after March on the array, and I think if this virus is overblown I don’t see how we go lower for a year from here unless this is truly end of days stuff. Can you ‘forecast’ 😉 what comes next?
Once again, thank you for your advice!

ANSWER: I want to thank all the emails coming in with thanks for calling this correction, correctly. I am writing now the report on all the world share markets to provide the outlook into 2021. We are staring in the face the Mother of All Financial Crises and you always need the move in the opposite direction before pulling off what is the true direction of the markets.

What I hope to do is to prove to the world that this is not some random walk nor is the economy and markets play-things for economists and politicians. This is our future people are toying with. The negative interest rates have destroyed the central banks and nobody seems to have even figured that one out yet.

This is not some experiment to to allow people to try theories that are unsound. It is not just finances and money that is on the table of life. Everything flows from this right down to revolutions and war. As I have said, Marx’s theory to create Utopia, the cornerstone of socialism today, has been responsible for over 200 million deaths and counting.

While if I fail to wake up one morning, I would be relieved that I do not have to watch what these fools do and how history repeats without society ever learning a single damn thing. But I too have a family, an I fear for their future. I get to depart before so I have hope I can escape this madness. I would like to leave behind something to give them hope. Just maybe one day society will wake up and see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand that we have become addicted to repeating history and war.

When will we ever learn that we are all connected? Perhaps that is what the coronavirus will teach everyone how the global economy is interdependent.