Energy & the Stock Market

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QUESTION: Marty; Your energy model seems to be warning that the bounce is not going to last. I have followed the reversals and they have been great for the bounce. What I have noticed is your energy model peaked two weeks before the low but as the market has rallied, energy has been declining. The 2018 December low your energy bottomed with the low and that was a good rally. This seems to be the opposite. Is my interpretation correct?


ANSWER: Yes. We have a divergence on the weekly level with the typical novice rushing in to buy based upon the fact the market has simply rallied. They will always judge the next 5 years by a few weeks of price action. When we look at the monthly level, the peak in price was very high in energy which has been declining ever since. This also warns of caution. Keep in mind that we had a nice 11-year rally in the Dow & S&P500 from the 2009 low. That is a traditional bull market. But the NASDAQ bottomed in 2002, not 2009, so that was an 18-year rally, which is significantly different.