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The Dow Breaks Out to New High Closing

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The Dow exceeded the January high and closed February at 38,996.39. The NASDAQ composite has yet to exceed the 2021 high despite the AI Bubble. This still reflects the international capital flows, and our Chaos Models show there will be a trend emerging with a gap between the main turning points ahead. The atmosphere of WAR is impacting the market and the capital flows. Comments from Macron calling to send in troops to Ukraine to prevent somehow its fall, which is inevitable, has only led Putin to say that then opens the door to nuclear warfare.

They are determined to start a war this summer before the 2024 US elections. Both European leaders, NATO, and the Neocons are living in sheer terror of a Trump victory, for he is anti-war, CBDCs, and climate change. If they cannot prevent Trump from taking the White House, I fear they will assassinate him, for there is way too much at stake for these people. I would be very concerned about July, for things appear to be heating up and going into Panic Cycles in many markets come August/September.

We have reached our target of 40,000 we set back in 2011. Our resistance now in the Dow, given a continued rally, is forming at the 42,000-43,000 area.  Exceeding that overhead barrier opens the door to a test of 50,000.

I will do a monthly review tomorrow.