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Dow from the A$ Viewpoint

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QUESTION: Hi Martin,
I was unable to attend your WEC in Orlando but purchased it to view remotely. I’ve read the vertical market report and look forward to watching the video of the even when its ready. My only question is with regard to currency. With my currency in AUD I realise the place to be is in the DOW however with you’re previous reports of Australia being one of the few countries with Super Annuation and the fact longer term you have predicted the AUD to surpass the USD will investing in the DOW be detrimental on a purely currency basis or will the USD rally against all currencies before many years ahead seeing the AUD rally against it? Is the Aussie Dollar included when you say all other currencies etc or is it unique like you’ve mentioned before in a 2010 down under report?
Thanks for all the effort you go to helping us all navigate through these interesting times.

ANSWER: The US$ has been moving higher against the A$ since 2011. It has NOT reached the Yearly Bullish Reversal which stands at 14252 on the cash. The technical resistance stands at the 160 and 170 levels. There is no indication that the US$ will make all-time record highs against the A$ just yet.  Exceeding that 14250 area will ring the alarm bell for the A$.

DJIND Y in S 2016

Here are the technicals for the Dow in A$. Here we have elected four Yearly Bullish Reversals whereas, in the currency, we have not elected any so far. This makes the 14252 number very important.