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Dow How & Why

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COMMENT:  Hello,

First of all, I´m impressed.Really, you basically called the Drop in the Dow a few Days before it happened. How did you put together the crash of 1929 & 1987 in Correlation with the Labor Day we had in 2016? It doesn’t crash every year like this right?  Was this your expierience as a Trader or did by any chance Socrates which “wrote” about a correlation and called it? It is really great to get a grasp how everything works. I made the biggest winning Trade i ever had last week within the Investor Level System and some rationality 🙂 While money still is important for me in some form, I start to enjoy to understand not only the markets but how to interpret what Socrates is telling me. Awesome.


REPLY: It is like the Benchmark cycles in the metals. Gold has a 16 week cycle and silver an 18 week. Every now and again, they line up. This was the same thing. There comes a time when everything aligns. The fact that the market peaked precisely on the 6th and the Global Market Watch picked that as a high as well from a totally different perspective to me is fascinating. The GMW is not using cycles or technical analysis, just pattern recognition. The Array is a combination of 72 different models. So it is the coming together of various disciplines and when then line up, it tends to unfold pretty much as inevitable.

Here is the daily array. Note the directional changes every day until the 8th. The Panic Cycle starts on the 9th. So the coiling was to end on the 8th and the Trading Cycle also emphasized the 6th,

DJFOR-W 7-16-2016

Everything was set. Even if we look at the Weekly Array from July, note the turning point for the week of the 15th then you have a 3 week trend into the week of 09/05 with Directional Changes starting the week of 09/12.


Note how the Array emphasized the week of 09/05 by August 15th,

Yes, as a trader I could smell it. But it was not a gut call. I have learned over the years that hubris will only result in losses. I may have a good nose, but it still requires backup to be confident.