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Boycotting Companies that Mandate Vaccines?

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Tyson Foods

COMMENT: I just sold all of my shares of Tyson Foods after learning that they had mandated the Covid19 vaccine for all of their employees. Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, I think that this decision shows a complete lack of good judgement on the part of Tyson’s management.
While the vaccine’s manufacturers are immune from prosecution, I don’t believe that this protection extends to employers who mandate inoculation. What if the predictions of serious long term side effects are correct? Tyson and others who have taken this action are going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and many years in court. I don’t want to own shares in any company that’s run by short sighted people like these!

REPLY: I agree that any company that is imposing fines or mandates for this vaccine is simply jumping on board as a “ME TOO” without any consideration for the employees. There are many for have serious side-effects in addition to those who actually die.

They obviously do not do any independent analysis and that is a serious issue if this is the way the management looks at the economy. They are simply listening to the likes of Fauci which is not the way you run a company just listening to the government and goose-step as directed.

Elephant in the Room 2

I am getting a lot of email on this subject. To what extent this has any impact we will see. But I believe the real elephant in the room is simply that the whole story that once the entire world is vaccinated, we will eradicate COVID and get back to normal. That is simply never going to happen. That was possible with Smallpox ONLY because it was not coming from animals and only effected humans. Its origin is still not known today. COVID is a respiratory virus which was the entire purpose of gain-of-function manipulation. That bluntly means it cannot be eradicated and it will most likely now appear annually. So the $64 billion question is simple:

What will the market do when they realize the vaccine are not the answer and there will never be a return to NORMAL without government admitting what they have been doing will NEVER work and was wrong.