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Vanlords – A New Form of Urban Encampment

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I’ve discussed Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) at length as they have been marketed as a new way to force people into perpetual renting. They have even advertised micro-ADUs that are no more than a shed with plumbing. Since addressing the housing crisis would go against plans for the Great Reset, people are turning to desperate measures.

Vanlords is the newly deemed term for people who rent out RVs to desperate families. This has become prominent in Los Angeles, California, where thousands of rental RVs have appeared. The government found a way to house all the illegals who Biden let in the country. The citizens sleep on the street or in vans. ‘”Vanlords,” as L.A. City Councilmember Traci Park calls them, typically buy RVs at auction, then either drive or get them towed to their location of choice.” These are not completely legal, but they are increasing in popularity as people have no alternative to affordable housing. “A lot of times, the inhabitants of the vehicle don’t know the name of the person who rented it from, they don’t have valid contact information, a lot of these vehicles are not registered, they’re not adequately insured,” said Park.

Not all RVs are hooked up to plumbing, and they are not legally hooked up to any electrical system. People have begun dumping waste into storm drains and using public facilities for basic hygiene. This is a step up from a large homeless encampment. Cities are working on changing municipal codes to permit these eyesores to line residential streets. This is not an adequate solution to homelessness and once more hurts the middle class as the upper class would have no need for a few hundred per month. This is another form of urban encampment that will drive down property values and create a dangerous situation for residents, who don’t have many rights, and neighboring residents.