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Technical Training Conference in 2019 & Spanish Real Estate

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong:
I have a few question if I may. In the past you mentioned that you taught technical analysis for institutional managers before. Is there by any chance that you will teach and hold a session for a class for the general public. I would like to attend your class and learn from you. In addition, you mentioned that you would not hire anybody who hold MBA for people who does not have hands on experience in finance. Would you consider to take some one as an apprentice since you gave more emphasis on apprenticeship than MBA holders. Finally, I am in Palma de Mallorca, it is very beautiful island. I do not know if you have visited the island before and I only know that you visited Barcelona before. I would love to buy some properties here, but there are lots of caveats i.e., taxes and Cristiano Ronaldo. Could you care to comment on Spanish Real Estate Market. Thank you in advance.


ANSWER: After we launch Socrates next level, I intend to offer a session probably in Tampa next year. I have not looked at the real estate there over in Mallorca. Yes, it is beautiful. Just mortgage it at a fixed rate. Then you are selling the risk of rising interest rates to a sucker willing to lend. As you see, we do have Spanish Real Estate in Socrates. We do not have Mallorca specifically.