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Who is the Bigger Manipulator of All Time?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have stood up against the bankers for their manipulations when nobody else would do so and paid the price that these people who hate you never acknowledge. They even made a movie about you for standing up to these bankers yet these goldbugs do hate you for exposing their rantings. If they were not wrong, they would not be against you since you have even shown how you project $5,000 gold in the years ahead using real analysis not guessing. It is always kill the messenger. To me this reflects their lack of honesty. My question is simple. Who is the bigger manipulator, the banks or government? Since Hillary’s lack of trust is at 57% and Trump is around 60%, I suspect it is government. But I will defer to you.

Thank you for looking after us


ANSWER: In my “opinion”, there is no question that government is the master manipulator. This is what Marxism and Keynesianism is all about — how to manipulate society to maintain political power. This is also coming to an end. The central banks have manipulated themselves into an impossible position from which there is no escape. This is what will make the metals and stocks rally. This has nothing to do with bank manipulations, hyperinflation or fiat; this has to do with the collapse in confidence within government.