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Where to Store your Metals

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Perth Mint

Many people have written in to ask about precious metals, what to buy, and where to store them. A number of people ask about storing at the Perth Mint or some designated metal storage facility. There are many different places for storage. However, I would not store anything with any government facility whatsoever. Even when gold was confiscated in 1934, they seized all gold on deposit at any bank. This is what gives me great pause of even storing gold in a bank safe deposit box or at any designated metal facility.

I know that many gold bugs keep spinning stories desperately against me and are trying very hard to prevent anyone from reading our sites. They are acting no different than YouTube or Twitter. That simply means that they cannot argue facts, so kill the messenger.

The Report Amazon

I have been warning that there is no RULE OF LAW. The government will do whatever it wants and there is no law that will ever protect you. You must remember, that they will do whatever they need to do to survive. I suggest watching “The Report” by Amazon. That exposes how the CIA was torturing people against international law and lying to Congress to cover it all up. Nobody was ever prosecuted and the guys doing the torture got $80 million for doing so.

HSBC Gag Cover

We all know that the bankers are protected in New York. NEVER has a banker gone to prison for anything they have done. Because they were illegally trading in our accounts parking even $500 million losses in my account over the weekend and claiming it was an error and backing it out on Monday, exposed how corrupt things were in New York. Then because I threatened to sue the bank, they flipped it and claims trading losses were mine and admitted their people conspired with me to hide the losses. When it came out that the accounts were mine and not accounts of clients, their story fell apart. Nevertheless, they seized our company, through me in civil contempt for 7 years on a statute that said 18 months maximum, and when my clients supported me against the bank they put a lifetime gag order on me to prevent me from helping my clients against the bank. The bank pleas guilty and HSBC returns all funds, no fine, and no bankers ever went to jail. The same with the CIA.

MP British Law

They can torture you, kill you, or steal all your money. Nobody will ever be charged nor will they ever go to prison. This is the reality of the world we live in. Here is a message from a member of Parliament in Britain. We are looking at the repeal of all rights in Britain, Australia, Canada is moving with internment camps as is New Zealand. They desperately want to do the same in the United States if they can get rid of Trump. Welcome to the “New Norm” it is just out in the open.

When it comes down to store your metals, I would not leave it in any government facility or designated metal storage. They will know where to find it.