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You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

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COMMENT: Marty; I watched the monthly numbers you gave for the close of July. The stock market gave a buy signal and gold failed again to close above your buy signal. I have to say, this is really amazing. Your reversals put it very black and white. If you ignore the human second guessing, it is really a learning experience. I get what you mean. You have to eliminate the human judgment to survive.

Thank you for the education


REPLY: Yes. A market rallies, and the gut assumes it will continue. It drops and you panic, selling the lows. This is why I say that your worst enemy is always yourself. You have to conquer your own emotions to survive. Correct, gold has avoided the 1362 number both in June and July. The US Share market closed above its Monthly Bullish Reversal so we got the breakout this week. The numbers are the numbers. People try to second guess them all the time. This is the key. If you buy or sell against the Arrays and/or the Reversals, you usually will end up on the wrong side. ANTICIPATION is the killer.