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Silver Coins, Not Bars

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I have purchased over some time 500 silver coins from a coin dealer in my city of Gainesville, Florida.  I don’t know if purchasing silver/gold in this manner is the most cost effective way, being that one needs to pay extra per coin purchased.

Is there a better way to purchase/sell gold/silver other than a local dealer?  Is purchasing and holding physical metal better than paper?  What might be the recommendation from Armstrong Economics regarding this?


You are better off with coins rather than bars. Coins are more recognizable to the average person. Common pre-1965 US silver coins are better. No rare dates or premium for high quality. Stay away from the collector coins.

In gold, the same would apply. I would prefer common $20, $10, and $5 US gold coins. You can always claim you are a coin collector. That at least worked back in 1934. Maybe it will work again, but Teddy Roosevelt was a big ancient coin collector so Franklin knew that and excluded collector coins.