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Risk of Making Gold Illegal

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We must understand one thing. This is an absolutely all-out major assault upon capitalism being led by the Socialists in union with the Climate Change and the Gates Foundation which has also been pushing the democratization of paper money. This means they are no about to allow any alternative to their agenda. This goes beyond the massive voter fraud we see coming for the 2020 election in the USA. As mentioned, Pelosi has snuck in the creation of a digital dollar, which Trump removed. They are out to remove Trump for their Socialist-Climate Change Agenda and Bill Gates will create a tracking system as he openly admits the government will know where you are are all times.

They are out to eliminate what they consider the black-economy. Look at places like Australia which have embraced Bill Gates. He just donated $10 million to launch a vaccine in Australia. They have made it a criminal act to even pat with $10,000 or more in cash. In Europe, it should come as no surprise that people are buying gold against the Euro democratization which is coming for that is the ONLY way out for the ECB which is trapped in this insane negative interest rate position.

Gates Modi 1

It was Bill Gates that advised India to cancel its currency. Gates has used India and Africa as his Guinea Pig for his vaccines and his New Green World Order. Bill Gates already has 1 billion Indians already tagged biologically and they can be tracked even if they move. He is hell-bent on tracking every person on the planet. What’s next? Permits to have children?

The EU authorities will attempt at some point to demonetize gold, making it illegal to own as a private individual similar to that of what Roosevelt did in 1934 to Americans. They will do this to remove any path of resistance to their socialistic agenda.