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More Delusional Gold Theories?

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1931_GB Abandons Gold


COMMENT: Every gold analyst says you are wrong and that gold stocks rose during the Great Depression as the only hedge. Would you care to comment. I bet not.

REPLY: Some of these people are not interested in the truth, and quite frankly, deserve what they will get. Why are they always so nasty? I suppose because they have been wrong. I really do not know what spin they now claim I have said. I really do not pay attention since most of their theories are just delusional.

Homestake - Unadjusted - Y

SV1919-YAbove is the chart we originally published in 1986 and the raw chart was in “The Greatest Bull Market in History.” Here is the same data in a modern chart. Since gold was “money” during the commodity boom into 1919, gold DECLINED against all commodities. From its high in 1916, it declined about 8.6 years into a low in 1924. Commodities peaked in 1919 and fell into 1932. So there was a major divergence between gold and silver. That’s right — gold declined when silver rose. Guess that one is not in their bag of theories either. If gold is “money” then, guess what, it will DECLINE against everything else and rise ONLY in depression/austerity.


So why is gold not rising with austerity or as a hedge against inflation? Gold must go through a realignment which it is accomplishing. It must align with the stock market and commodities in general because it is NOT money; it is on the private asset side at this time.

Gold shares rose WITH STOCKS going into 1929, which is something else they omitted from their bag of theories. Gold shares began to decline in 1930, but then they caught wind of the coming sovereign debt default in 1931 (see newspaper above). Then Roosevelt devalued the dollar, revaluing gold from $20.67 to $35.00 in 1934. So I really do not understand this nonsense for it is more delusional than Jeb Bush winning the elections.

Now out of real desperation, they claim gold will be reset at $5,000 to $100,000 and silver $400-$500. I really do not understand where they come up with this stuff, as if government will surrender all power and bow before them after laying down their weapons. Government would NEVER do such a thing, and in case they have not noticed, we are moving to electronic money; not bullion. Even if this wild theory were correct, government would confiscate the gold and make it a criminal act to even own it so they make the profit – not you. That’s what Roosevelt did; confiscated first and revalued second.

This must be analysis inspired by peyote. There is just no other explanation. If there is a reset, it will not be a return to the past, it will be more like back to the future — electronic.

The 2016 gold report will be out soon. We will make an announcement once it is available.