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Mining Shares

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COMMENT: Mr Armstrong; what do you think about mining shares?

REPLY: I do not have the time to talk about every market and every move. We do have mining shares in the system. The computer is better than anyone could possibly be for there is too much to watch and there are too many personal biases that tend to creep into claimed analysis. The numbers are the numbers in everything. Besides, claiming all mining shares perform the same is absurd. That is how people are misled, which results in losing money and their future.

Franklin Teach Me

Our system covers everything. It does not miss a market. It seems the words of Ben Franklin apply here. It seems Franklin also said something which applies: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

The key to successful investing is to reject dogma and let the market prove itself. We have a lot of mining shares on the system. You can see from this video, they are not all the same.