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Markets – When the Dust Settles

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The Euro soared to 113 and then crashed and burned to the 109 level. The Dow exceeded yesterday’s high but has not penetrated the previous day’s low. Gold had its reaction up to 1340 and fell back under 1300. Let’s get this much straight. Our computer is NOT showing a major change in trend because of the election. We have warned this is not the case and at the end of the day, fundamentally, Trump will be far more bullish for the US economy that war and more taxes from Hillary.

This is more of a Reagan Moment. Ronald Reagan was the outsider every and the “establishment” in Washington resisted him. This will play-out the same. So let everything calm down. There appears to be no major change in trend at hand. If Trump gets the 15% corporate tax rate in, then look for the dollar to soar and almost $3 trillion come homes.