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Looking at the Future Clearly

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GoldSilver Ratio - Y

QUESTION: Marty; I couldn’t stop reading the new Gold Report. All I can say is WOW. Thanks for showing your $5,000 target is not just pulled out of thin air like everyone else. It is always the interplay that determines the trend. This blows away the typical garbage analysis. Nothing can be looked at by itself. We have to open our eyes to the whole. When will Part II come out?

Great read.



ANSWER: Well that was my goal. This report covers the immediate reaction rally and subsequent move. Part II will be determined by the slingshot and if we indeed shake the tree hard enough. Then we will do part II from that position with all the metals and look at this in all currencies. When you step away from the bullshit, you can see the outcome clearly without prejudice or bias. This is not a one-dimensional world and you cannot view everything only through the goggles of gold. There is a lot more going on and you will lose the battle only to say you were right in the end.