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Gold to be or Not to Be

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QUESTION: Marty; I won a bet against a goldbug. He bet gold would soar and the dollar would crash October 1st because of the SDR and said you would be exposed as a fraud. I won the $100 bet. I tried to bet an ounce of gold, but he would do that.

I too studied Latin. Remember Julius Caesar your favorite: Fere libenter homines, id quod volunt, credunt – People almost always willingly believe what you want (De Bello Gallico, III, 18). That is their whole problem. They want something so bad they are blind to everything around them. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

With gold down at 1275, when is your next video update?


ANSWER: Yes I admired Caesar. But he forgave his enemies and they killed him for his generosity.

You cannot enlighten certain people because they have too much invested in their beliefs. There are people who will vote for Hillary no matter what as there are people who will vote Republican no matter what. There is always those who just believe and never question.

I will update a video soon. The timing is not right for gold to break out. It failed to elect the Monthly Bullish and then failed to elect the Quarterly Bullish Reversal despite the fact it was much lower. Gold rallied right to that reversal and bounced off. That was the kiss of death.

People are still uncertain about the future. They have no idea which way to go with this year from Political Hell. Will do a Private Blog Update for tomorrow.