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Gold & the International View

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GCNYNF-W 5-25-2015 GCEURO-W 5-25-2015


Dear Martin,

When you comment upon the majority of your analysis, I assume it is from a domestic (US oriented) perspective, looking out at the world.For instance, when you comment upon real assets such as gold, or silver (a stance which I agree with, incidentally) I assume that this is a position from the perspective of a US based investor?Would it be fair to say that the needs of a person who is based in Europe may differ from the needs of a US oriented reader? Would it make more sense for a European to be invested in some real assets over a US reader?

As always, enjoying your analysis. I am glad to see that you are gaining a big following as time progresses. In this current age of unenlightenment, it is necessary for rational, educated discourse to take place somewhere. I have been disparaging the way that Keynesian macroeconomics has been taught to many economics and history students for several years now.


ANSWER:  The definition I use for a bull market is something that rises in ALL currencies. Otherwise, just as you are buying someone else is selling. You can never analyze anything purely in a single currency. We will be releasing Socrates soon, and there you will have the ability to name your home currency. It will provide a look at whatever you want, and will reflect it back to your base currency to see if it is really bullish or bearish, based upon how you measure your profit and loss.