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Gold & the Future

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Past Present Future


I hear what you are saying about the next gen and Gold vs BTC. To me it begs the question as to how the Next Gen’s look at crypto’s. Is there an argument that they like BTC etc because it is anonymous [mostly] and not part of the ‘system’. If that is the case, what will they think when Govs adopt sovereign crypto’s and outlaw BTC. Will they then look to gold and history?
Tx for all the wisdom,
Best HP

ANSWER: I think we have to draw a line in the sand at 2032-2037. Going into the end of this cycle, we will most likely still have the younger generations listening to people like Bernie who claim the problem is not government, but the rich. That argument has always led to bloodshed. I believe your question whether people will return to gold is more likely post-2032. We are looking at a fundamental change and the end of socialism, which is really just a means to expand government power. It is not only on the left. You have some on the right who want to use the law to enforce their religious beliefs upon others.

Gold Confiscate 1934 12 19

For cryptocurrencies and digital currencies to survive, they need a power grid. We are also facing turmoil as separatist movements expand everywhere. I do not believe that the government will allow private crypotocurrencies. They will outlaw them just as they did with gold in 1934.