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2017 The Cycle of War

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2017 Cycle of WarQUESTION: Hi Marty. You mentioned the 224-year cycle is the cycle of political change. It seems it is the peak in confidence of government and all cycles align harmonically. From 1980 and 1999 was the gold bear market, lasting 19 years. Is there any relationship between 224-year cycle and the 19 year cycle?


ANSWER: Yes. How gold responds during war is a reflection of confidence in the government. How gold responded during the US Civil War was different from how it responded for World War I or II or any other war since.


I have just complete this intense study of civil war for the 2017 The Cycle of War report. In addition, a second part entitled Guns-War-Gold will deal with how the markets react and this provides more of an investor’s guide for the subject. This will turn a lot of heads and demonstrate once and for all how things react depends upon the type of war involved. It’s not just buy when you hear the first shot. There is more to it than just that.

These are complete and are in the process of being edited. They will go up for sale probably by next week.

NOTE: Those attending the Hong Kong and Orlando Conference will receive these reports complimentary.