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Gold Headed Lower Under $1,000 into the Abyss

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India is moving now to confiscate gold after going after the cash. Currently, each married woman is entitled to 500 grams, each unmarried woman 250 grams, and each man 100 grams of gold. Everything that goes beyond is classified as illegal possession and thus will be confiscated. There is no restriction on the possession of the jewelry only if the jewelry was purchased by inheritance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving more power to tax authorities rather than dealing with corruption. They will be shaking people down for money. Unlike FDR who confiscated gold from the banks, Modi is allowing the tax people to go door to door.

This is the problem I have been warning about with gold. It is losing it safe haven status for it is getting to the point you cannot travel with it, keep it in a safe deposit box, or show gold with jewelry. In Italy, if it looks like you have excessive jewelry, they pull you over and weigh it at the border.

This is all part of the Hunt for Taxes. India is setting the tone. The danger will be if others follow. Trump would stand in the way of such policies in the United States. But in Europe, we may see the same policies take effect to different degrees. All they need do is claim that terrorists are using gold to fund their operations.

Everything is still on target for the move under $1,000 into next year.