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Gold & Dollar Rising Together?

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QUESTION: Marty, Socrates has done an amazing job forecasting gold all by itself. What I find stunning is gold is rising but so is the dollar. This once again points out that all this gold analysis that it will soar because the dollar is fiat and will go to zero seems really absurd. You have warned that during the early stages gold will rise with the dollar. That is unfolding yet it is going unnoticed. You said you will release a gold report. When?????



ANSWER: I am sorry. There is a crisis brewing and I had to hop on a plane, so I have been super busy. I will begin that this weekend – promise. You are correct. There is something much bigger going on behind the curtain. I gave the targets and the channel objective on the Pro version of the Private Blog.

The key to everything going into the turning point on the Economic Confidence Model is a correlation. True, these people have been pitching gold because the dollar was supposed to crash to zero or Bitcoin was to become the next RESERVE CURRENCY. That was a good one. Anyone who thinks governments will just fade into the light graciously is insane. Christine Lagarde takes the helm of the ECB in October. She has been preaching that the only way to control the economy is to eliminate all paper money and move electronically.

Trust me. There will be no hyperinflation in the USA. These forecasts are so old school that they are laughable. Welcome to the 21st century. If you are surprised about gold rising with the dollar, it’s about time you wake up and look at the world through unbiased glasses.