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Gold – Dollar – Dow – One Happy Family?

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QUESTION: Marty; You always said that gold would rise with the dollar when the time was right. It is interesting to watch this unfold with the crisis in Europe. Is the time at last right?



ANSWER: The unraveling of Europe has begun, but the crazy period still lies ahead. We have the French (April/May 2017) and the German elections next year (German elections can be extended as late as October 22, 2017). These two elections are a lifetime away in political years, which tend to be shorter than dog years. In any event, what you are witnessing is indeed what I have warned about. If the crisis unfolds in Europe, we are looking at a massive dollar rally that will be accompanied with a rally in stocks and gold because capital fleeing is seeking shelter in the USA. This is not a battle between the Dow and gold, as always portrayed domestically. When governments collapse, ALL TANGIBLE assets rise in value — not just gold. When the German hyperinflation ended, it did so with a new currency (pictured above). It was backed by real estate.

This will be part of the video update on Friday, July 1.