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Gold Bullion v Coins

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QUESTION: Marty; Do you still see 2017 as the end in the decline in gold or 2018? Also, I think I now understand that coins are better than bullion for confiscation purposes. Right?

ANSWER: We are starting to run out of time. We elected a minor Monthly Bullish of 1142 at the end of December, so that has given us the bounce. The benchmarks come into play in 2018, but they could be the first high rather than a low and that would confirm a change in trend. The 2015 closing is the lowest, and that would be a three-year reaction from the highest closing of 2015. Markets never act randomly. The failure of 2016 to produce the lowest closing was for a reason. It was not a fluke.

Yes, coins are better than bullion for they have some historical value. Their historical value could be an excuse to prevent confiscation if government simply declares that “gold is for criminals,” as they are trying to do with cash. I believe Trump would not go along with that move, but keep in mind that the left is the most violent of all. They pretend to be tolerant, but they are only tolerant if you agree with them. They have no problem assassinating anyone else.

The left has painted Trump as some sort of Nazi racist. They fail to understand that “Mexican” is not a race any more than “American,” just as “Muslim” is not a race any more than “Christian.” They mix up their slogans and accusations to get people chanting this nonsense because they are too stupid to think on their own. I would keep in mind that these people will try to assassinate Trump, for in their mind the rich have to be destroyed. They are very dangerous people.

We will be issuing the 2017 Gold Report soon