Gold Better in Euros than Dollars?

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QUESTION: G’day guys.
Thanks for a great seminar in Hong Kong!
I’m reading through your 1 world currency report and find it very interesting, going back to primary school teachings about barter systems and some funny monetary acceptances that have been in place many years ago. Like 14.5 kg copper plates as a currency only back in the 1600’s in Sweden. Or 1-ton barrels of tobacco. Very interesting and tough to carry in your wallet.
The major teaching I received from the Hong Kong Seminar was to look at the currencies (something I’ve had plenty of lessons dealt over the years trying to trade) in regard to products and assets in the many different countries around the world.
My question now we are seeing bitcoins and possibly diamonds and other mediums we are not yet aware of yet replacing gold as a new vehicle to move cash or wealth into a better-performing countries assets.
With the collapse about to occur in Europe and Britain included monetary wise. Instead of buying gold in relation to USD one should buy gold against the Euro’s or Pounds when the time is right?
Or has a gold lost its lustre today and the contagion to gold may not occur to the extremes that have occurred in the past?
Will Europe money tell the story? The smart money is moving to the DOW. Will it return to gold when the people lose their confidence?
Thanks for the interesting and new way of looking at the markets Marty. I’m doing better with Socrates though still a novice.
Take care and wish I was coming to the next conference. Hope it’s a beauty.

ANSWER: Gold has lost its movability aspect as they hunt money for taxes. Twenty years ago you could hop on a plane with a briefcase of gold with no problem. From that perspective, gold has lost its international portability. This is obviously why people are turning to diamonds, rare ancient coins, and the like – movable assets. We are even witnessing real estate starting to decline now in New York City. The high-end real estate market (not the low-end) was making new highs as big money was trying to get off the grid. Realtors were reporting to us that the majority of such high-end deals were all for cash – no mortgages.

Gold would certainly be a better hedge against the Euro than the dollar in the short-term. It has outperformed the dollar because you always have to look at the currency. However, money will NEVER shift from the stock market all into gold. Everyone has their pet investment in what they feel comfortable. Gold is a retail product – not institutional. The Institutions can trade ETFs, gold stocks etc., but they will never take possession of gold.

What we are facing in truth is a currency reset. That means that ALL tangible assets rise against the currency in whatever country we are talking about. The goldbugs always hate the dollar and many of them have turned away from gold and into cryptocurrencies.

You will always have people who will prefer stocks, others gold, and others real estate. That is just the way it is. To each their own.