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Dollar Rally on Capital Flight from Europe

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COMMENT: Marty, I used your model as you have taught us. I sold the euro at 116 with a stop loss at 11705. I sold gold at 1305 with a stop above last year’s high. I can afford to buy seats at the WEC for my wife and son. Will you scream loud when it is time to buy gold? That should mess all the goldbugs up. They really hate you because they are the ignorant fools.

REPLY: Numerous emails are coming in from those who sold the Euro at 116. It is what it is. This is a shame politicians will never admit a mistake. They just go pedal to the metal and assume more of the same will reverse the trend. A close in the Euro below 11140 should signal that the trend will continue to press lower and the May high was possibly the high for the year. But that is our initial support for now. As for gold, yes, we take out 1206 on a weekly closing basis and new lows become possible. A close on Friday below 1225 and we should press lower. We do see capital inflows to the USA right now and this is probably because of the upcoming BREXIT vote on June 23rd. It is hard to see how the metals can rally against a rising dollar.

We will scream loudly when it is time to buy at the low. That will be for those who subscribed to the metals report exclusively. Everything has its time and place. Unfortunately, the gold promoters have one agenda so that is all they can preach. That is the entire problem in the United States. We have too many agencies competing for authority regulating everything they do not understand. The CDO bombs sold by the banks were approved by SEVEN agencies. Big deal. Not a single one figured out this was a bad idea. They are paid not to do a job. The credit rating agencies showed in 2007 they too are the disposal of the highest bidder.

This is why we have countless funds each with some special expert market. The muni-bond guy will always tell you they are the best. The emerging market guy will tell you its a buy. Every single specialty will preach its own book. The average person needs to become a hedge fund manager to sort out the nonsense from reality since they all preach with such passion and sophistry. So of course, any group I warn that instrument will decline will hate my guts. That is their bread and butter.

I was a global hedge fund manager. That meant people came to me to make those decisions. The world was available for my shopping cart. That is what I am trying to provide here. The unbiased global view. This is about survival. Sorry, I am not selling gold, swamp land in Florida, or condos in Bora Bora. This is about surviving what is coming and hopefully we can spread the word so when it cracks, we have enough influence to push toward freedom. Otherwise, say goodbye to the world we grew up in and your children will never know what freedom use to be.