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Why the Repo Report Must Remain Private

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2019 REPO CRISIS Mother of

I am asking everyone to please refrain from telling the world what is really taking place. Only the core people involved in high-level finance understand the risks and can see what is unfolding. It is just that I am the only one who can speak right now. There are even central banks that are still grasping to comprehend this crisis. It is best to keep this private at this time. Otherwise, when the crisis hits, the government will blame me and you because they cannot admit they have created this nightmare.
We have been helping institutions to prepare in hopes of mitigating the serious implications which can take down many. We have to work on this quietly. So please do not even discuss this in social media. We must let it unfold FIRST, or run the risk of being blamed for creating a panic. It is not worth the risk. Just look after yourself right now. This is coming and nobody can stop it. So do not stand in the way as a target for they will desperately need scapegoats.