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Bonds & the Fate of the Future

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WorldIntRates 2012

The 30-year bond elected a major long-term Quarter Bearish Reversal on target. This confirms the long-term outlook that we had warned back at the high that we were establishing a 5,000-year low in rates (high in bond prices). The sell signals on bonds at the end of September are very profound. This is also why you have witnessed Klaus Schwab telling everyone you will own nothing and be happy because what he is really saying is that all debt will be wiped out trying to make it sound like they are doing this for you when it is the next sovereign debt default in history.

1931 NYSE Banking Crisis listing shares

The last Sovereign Debt Default was 1931 when Europe, South America, and Asia defaulted. Even Britain went into a moratorium on debt payments. Our models turned up on this level in March 2021 and the next Sovereign Debt Default on a grand scale is likely to unfold by 2025.

UBCBT Q 10 3 2022

The Quarterly closing was a confirmation that we are looking at both a liquidity crisis in addition to a banking crisis that is most likely with an epic center in Europe.

UBCBT Y 12 08 2016

Here is the Yearly Chart from 1798 to 2015 that we published back in 2016. The peak came precisely during the 1st Quarter of 2020 with the major turning point on the ECM 2020.05 reaching 191.69 on the 30-year bond. We will be focusing on this triple crisis of liquidity, banking, and Sovereign Debt Crisis at the WEC on November 11-13th, 2022.

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

As I have said many times, what bottoms or peaks with the ECM major turning points is typically very profound. That has been vindicated once against by the bond market peaking the first quarter of 2020 with the turning point. We have entered the STAGFLATION mode since March 14th as we head into April 2023.