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FED NOW Launch July 2023

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QUESTION #1: why no information on CBDC. Need help fast. Feds are suppose to call in the dollar in July.

COMMENT #1: This whole thing reminds me of the movie The Omen and we will be accepting the number of the beast and without it we will not be allowed to buy or sell. I don’t know about a person being the infamous anti-Christ, but it sure looks like the government is trying hard to fulfill that role.



ANSWER: The FedNow is the system that will be for CBDC and the elimination of all paper money. However, they will not cancel the dollars in July – not just yet. This is why they are rushing 5G before testing to see if the radiation is harmful. This is all about total control and 100% tax collection. They will be able to turn off the ability to buy and sell categories as well as individuals.

Dollar Beat Up

I will do a private post on the timing for the end of paper money. That is coming. It is part of their authoritarianism into 2032.

Omen Poem

As for the governments of the world being the anti-Christ, who knows? Perhaps they saw that movie and said that’s a great idea! The “eternal sea” has always been used to refer to politics. This is certainly justification for term limits. Once career politicians were created, that ended any hope of an honest government. Those who are not crooks, look down on us as the scum – hence hiring 87,000 IRS agents with guns.

As far as the number everyone knows the “666” of the anti-Christ, but strikingly, most do not know the number of the name the Jews gave to God – “Jehovah.” If we use the old Hebrew system we can find the number of God. Yod =10 , He = 5, and Vau = 6. Therefore, the name of God in Hebrew – He Vau He Yod equals 5 + 6 + 5 + 10 = 26. The number of the name assigned to God by the Jews is 26. Perhaps they should apply this system to entities rather than individuals.

ECM Economic Confidence Model 8.6 Year Panics

I have been often asked by students of history that the list from which I derived the Economic Confidence Model was 224 years divided by 26 events yielding 8.6153846 which was a derivative of Pi, and was it based on this calculation of 26? It was not. There just so happened to be 26 events in that 224 period. Beyond that, who knows?