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All Roads Lead to the Dollar

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COMMENT: Marty; I have attended every conference since 2011. You have really opened my eyes and you have to be blind not see that you have called every trend from the decline in gold, rally in the Dow, collapse of Europe, the rise in the dollar, and the uptick in war/civil unrest not to mention your political forecasting. You should be hailed from every podium and the reason you are not is obvious. The conclusions you force upon the rest to see is against their own self-interest. All roads lead only to the dollar as you have said.

Thanks for a spectacular conference. You have done far more than just made me money. You opened my eyes, saved my future, and saved my marriage. I feel truly enlightened and see the world as never before.

Thank you so very much


REPLY: It is gratifying that you can see the world in a connected manner. We do not stand a chance of taking a step forward to a new economic reality until the majority sees the world for what it really is. The majority believes the conspiracy that government and big banks have the power to manipulate the world economy to force gold down to create the illusion that gold is not a safe-haven to hide your wealth. In even saying that means they can control everything as well. There are those who actually think they purposefully send the economy down to buy things cheaper. The entire would is connected. They can no more do that then prevent the climate change moving into a new mini ice age.

By attributing everything to powerful conspiracies, they are endorsing Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes who advocated that government could manipulate society. If you cannot see that we are on the brink of a collapse because of central planning, exactly as a communist state, then you will continue to look for conspiracies rather than understanding that the system, which is crumbling before our eyes, cannot be manipulated. This is why BREXIT, Trump, and now Hollande in France are stepping out and Italy rejected the EU referendum. The cycle has changed and all of this is beyond government or banks to control the outcome. They are not intentionally doing this, for they cannot even understand human behavior no less manipulate it.

The dollar is on the rise after the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election but the computer projected this long before Trump said he would run. Trump won be keeping one foot out of the party, the press, and the pollsters. Trump took it to the people the elite just assumed were sheep to be manipulated. Trump showed that the silent majority are starting to demand they be heard.

Investors are betting on an economic boom in the U.S. and rising U.S. interest rates that will attract even more capital to the dollar. This also weighs very heavily on emerging market currencies and commodities prices expressed in dollars. As the dollar rises, those commodities will decline unless there is a real shortage in supply that dips below demand. It is all coming together and you better understand the trend or you will not survive.

Indeed, all roads lead to the dollar. The biased socialist press who try to manipulate the sheep, will call this the Trump Rally and say it is to make him richer and his friends. They will do whatever it takes to destroy the country and promote Marxist socialism.