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Premier of Alberta Calls on Biden to Reimplement Keystone XL Project

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Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, Canada, is calling upon President Joe Biden to reimplement the Keystone XL pipeline project. “If President Biden had not vetoed that project, it would be done later this year – 840,000 barrels of democratic energy that could have displaced the 600,000 plus barrels of Russian conflict oil that’s filled with the blood of Ukrainians,” Kenney stated. Kenney seems confident that the project could be completed by Q1 2023.

“None of this makes sense, so I will be speaking truth to power in the bluntest terms possible,” Kenney said. “If the U.S. administration wanted instead of going cap in hand to the Venezuela, Saudi and Iranian dictatorships to replace Russian conflict oil, we could turn this around, I believe in less than a year,” the premier stated. Meanwhile, the White House maintains that America should simply reduce its reliance on fossil fuels when there are no other alternatives available.

These nations might as well continue purchasing gas from Russia opposed to funneling money to other dictatorships. Kenney also noted how Canada was supposed to be America’s closest ally. Maduro of Venezuela hates the US and is an illegitimate leader. Both Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have asked the US for help in recent years, and none was provided. Iran is one of the world’s top funders of terrorism and turning to them should be considered a threat to national security.