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Energy Bills to Rise Across US

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The EPA is demanding that we abandon coal and fossil fuels without an alternative. The agency is seeking to shut down American power plants in favor of renewables. Energy prices are already reaching new highs. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) and the Center for Energy Poverty and Climate (CEPC) issued a warning that Americans should expect at least an 8% increase in energy bills this summer.

No, global warming is not the culprit. The hot summer is in line with cyclical weather patterns. America lost its ability to remain energy independent the very day Joe Biden entered the White House and signed away countless laws prohibiting production. The average AC bill was $661 over the summer months, according to CEPC and NEADA. These agencies believe those in the Mid-Atlantic and Pacific regions of the US will see a rise in energy prices by 12.2%, raising costs from June to September to $691 and $693. Those in the East South Central are expected to see a 10.1% hike over the same period and will pay around $774. East Noth Central is expected to see a 9.8% energy bill uptick ($581), while New England and West South Central will see rises of 5.3% ($760) and 1.8% ($581).

Naturally, these costs are on the low spectrum of estimates. Most of us pay far more to cool our homes over the summer. One must wonder why the EPA and Biden Administration believe it is appropriate to adhere to these climate change goals for Agenda 2030 when the average American is already struggling to afford cooling.

We are already paying for the slow switch from natural gas and coal to renewables. Energy companies have been forced to gradually make the switch, and soon, there will be no alternative. Once they completely banish fossil fuels, cooling one’s home will become a luxury. Anyone can look at their monthly billing to see how much their heating and cooling expenses have risen on a monthly and annual basis and it is far beyond 8%. Personally, I am seeing a rise of around 30%.

This is one of an array of basic living essentials that have multiplied in price in recent years under the Biden Administration. We allowed our leader to cripple our infrastructure and ability to remain energy independent. We are currently allowing him to sign even more restrictive pieces of legislation that will only force us to stretch our dollars thin to maintain our current lifestyles. Is anything Build Back Better yet?