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Coal Consumption to Rise by 16% Here in 2021

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Coal Power Plant

COMMENT: Hi Martin,
I live in Leicester, UK.
They began with these “exercises” and “simulations” as I call them regarding Power Outages.
Just have one right now.
There is no reason for a power outage since the network is all fine.
It is all deliberately imposed.
Can you explain what next?

REPLY: They are deliberately reducing power for the climate
Johnson has really gone off the farm

COMMENT: Power came back up because I called them saying I’ve got kids (which is true), and we’ve got priority, I checked now the rest of the neighbours whose electricity went down along with my home’s and they haven’t got it, hence it proves it is all about what you said and what we knew it all about.
Climate “change” is like arguing during winter why is it cold and not warm – it’s a cycle.
(Communism + Fascism) to the power of Steroids.
Hope we get through this and everybody’s children will survive to see better days.


I don’t think people realize what is really going on. This is a coup no different than the introduction of the Euro where the people are being denied the right to vote on the concept. They sold the Euro claiming that everyone would pay the same interest rate. That was a claim proven to be an outright lie. All one needs to do is look at the different rates the various sovereign states pay on their bonds – Germany is the lowest.

Here too, they knew that it was impossible to get this climate change agenda if the people voted. They have deliberately wiped out international travel. Europe has been bankrupting its hospitality industry. Demands that you must quarantine for 2 weeks at your own expense and face prison time if you do not comply is deliberately intended to end tourism. Just ask yourself this question. If any politician was worried about getting elected, would they not lift restrictions to save the tourism industry? In the US, states that locked down like New York compared to Florida have twice the death rate and twice the unemployment compared to Florida.

Big Freeze

The world’s three biggest consumers of coal are reporting that they must boost usage in the USA by 16% more coal here in 2021 because of the extreme cold weather. In Britain, they are moving into a Deep Freeze and are letting their people freeze. Meanwhile, they are moving to shut down Pipeline #5 which has a devastating impact on people unable to find heat in winter. All of this is to reduce CO2 which is the real objective of this COVID.

Kolh Dictator

Reliable sources have placed the Build-Back-Better agenda predated the COVID  and they were all set to act by the end of 2019. They will not tell the truth any more than Helmet Kohl did to introduce the Euro. This is the very same strategy and anyone who dares to expose the truth, they just call it a conspiracy theory so they do not have to ever admit or deny it.

This is about ending the oil industry so expect prices to continue to rise in the broader-term.