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Biden Administration Most Incompetent in History

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I have often said that I felt sorry for Bush Jr. for he will be remembered as starting the War over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed. The real president was Dick Cheney who orchestrated everything and gave the business to his former company Haliburton. When allegations of corruption were surfacing, they allegedly paid off then key people, and to avoid being investigated, they moved to Dubai outside the USA which was to allegedly prevent being subpoenaed for documents. Then Cheney showed up on the board of Genie Oil in the Middle East.

TIME Person of the Year Biden

Now we have the country run by two people who make dumb and dumber look intelligent. They are just puppets for a hidden agenda just as Bush Jr, but this time the agenda is being directed from Switzerland spearheaded by the wondering of an academic. Shutting down fossil fuels to save the planet they never considered that prices will soar and there will be an energy crisis the government self-inflicts. The US was energy self-sufficient and was an exporter of natural gas. Biden has amazingly crushed that and transformed the US into an energy-dependent country in a matter of months and because of his incompetence in Afghanistan, energy prices will now soar even more. So the solution? Ask OPEC to produce more while denying Americans jobs and crushing the US oil industry. YOu can’t ask for more brain-dead decision-making than this.

Hitler Time Person of the YearTime Great Reset 10 23 2020

Well, Time also named Hitler Person of the Year and has pushed the Great Reset. I hope I never make the front cover as Person of the Year in Time. Not sure that would be an honor or a curse.