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The Devious Plots of Bill Gates?

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Gates Bill 13

Bill Gates has been pushing to keep the planet locked down in 2021 using the virus as an excuse to reduce CO2. Even in Germany, the government has been lying to the people extending the lockdown little by little. Internal papers have shown that they intended to keep everything locked down until at least June 2021. This is a lockdown NOT for the virus, but to reduce CO2. Gates has been on record saying that the Climate Crisis is far worse than COVID.

More concerning has been Gates’ quest to monopolize farmland. Keep in mind that the Great Reset would not apply to the Super Rich and it certainly would not apply to “foundations” for they are not individuals. Many questions have come in about Gates and his farmland. Gates is a specialist in monopolies. He did that with Microsoft and he has done that in health and all the vaccines are tied back to him. He is doing the same with farmland. Don’t forget he will try to end meat production and this investment is as strategic as the alternative. If he refuses to plant, then he is deliberately trying to create a food shortage. Watch for him moving into cattle ranches to reduce meat production. He now has a free reign under the Democrats. He will do whatever and nobody will investigate.