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Climate Change Agenda Threatens Food Supply – Ireland to Kill 200K Cows

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The push toward net zero emissions contains a sinister undertone – depleting our food supply. Ireland announced that they will murder 200,000 cows to adhere to Agenda 2030, ultimately reducing cow cattle by 10% in the coming years. Adding to the push for Universal Basic Income, Ireland is telling farmers that they can murder their livestock as a “retirement exit scheme,” decreasing the number of available farmers altogether. This outline will reduce available dairy and meat in Ireland, but demand will not decline, forcing the country to rely on costly exports.

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In the end, the plan is not energy efficient at all. A quarter of all beef imported into the European Union comes from Brazil. “How is it environmentally friendly to kill large swathes of the Amazon, import that beef from Brazil to substitute for Irish beef that’s been culled here in this state. It’s a significant threat hanging over farmers in this country, and we must have a debate crystallizing exactly what the plan of this government is,” Irish politician Peadar Tóibín questioned.

Why are they targeting agriculture? Pat McCormack, president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, told reporters that the agriculture industry is no larger than it was 25 to 30 years ago. “Can the same be said for the transport industry, can the same be said for the aviation industry?”

This plan will cost Irish taxpayers $213 million annually. The government claims it is voluntary for now, but that will depend on how many farmers adhere to this plan and abandon their livelihoods. Once upon a time, cows were actually sacred in Ireland and appeared in numerous folklore stories. I’ve mentioned before that two groups that often overlap, animal rights activists and climate change activists, are at odds over the treatment of animals in the name of reduced methane emissions.

The Irish potato famine or the “Great Hunger” lasted from 1845 to 1852 – one million people starved to death. History repeats. Not only are they killing cattle, but they’re buying up farmland and reducing the availability of fertilizers. The push to diminish our food supply is occurring throughout the West, and the goal is to “reduce emissions,” aka the food supply by 2030, in accordance with Agenda 2030.