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Drastic Food Shortages in China

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China Flooding

Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping has come out officially acknowledging the food crisis in China by asking people not to waste food. China’s rice farmers are fighting insects and weeds the traditional way by bringing in hungry ducks. Meanwhile, China is facing serious shortages of both grains and pork. Months of flooding have wiped out the crops while insect infestations attack the rice fields. Then there is simultaneously the rapidly spreading African swine fever (ASF) which is now even starting to make its way into Europe. On top of all of this has been the orchestrated Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) which may have been deliberately leaked from the lab there by people who planned this take over of the world with a New Green World Order.

As I have mentioned before, these people have succeeded in subjugating Europe. They need to overthrow Trump to subjugate the USA. They are seeking to force Western investors from hedge funds to pension funds to sell all Chinese investments to force them to comply with their demands. Trump could not dare talk about this prior to the election, for the media is in the pocket of these people and would call him a conspiracy nut not worthy of the office. Investigating all the people behind this convenient plan must be done carefully. I believe that the media MUST be ordered to be unbiased and present both sides or they lose their license as propaganda.