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Are we Heading into a Food Shortage?

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Wheat Crop Flooded

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I find it really distasteful that you laid out events well in advance and then everyone copies you without ever giving you credit. There are articles now appearing about the coming food shortage. The degree of plagiarism is unbelievable. It must be dishearting. I certainly begin to distrust these people and organizations for they certainly even know who you are.


REPLY: That is life. They are trying to sell something so they have to pretend to do the research to make money by getting people to read. The flooding wiped out stockpiles. Now the planting season is already behind on schedule because of the weather. As I have warned, the computer has been forecasting colder winters and shorter-summers. The planting season will decline and thus the danger of a serious food shortage as we head into 2024.

Agrics Bankruptcy

I previously wrote about the soaring bankruptcies among farmers and combine this with the flooding that continues, I believe the computer will be on point. I also wrote about how this year, the Russian wheat crop failed has failed because of the bitter cold with even April coming in as the coldest in more than 140 years. To make matters worse, our computer warns that the weather will not improve. The next 4 years will put even more financial pressure farmers. Even in Australia, the drought is sending the “roos” invading the cities and they like to feed precisely during Rush Hour.  The drought is so bad in Australia, that animals are dying for lack of feed crops.

CRNCSH Q 5 12 2019

In the USA, four states are well behind on the planting schedule – Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and South Dakota. These four states combined to produce nearly 40% of the corn in the U.S. The charts are not yet responding to the fundamentals. This should begin to change next year. Nevertheless, we are building bases at higher levels. I have written plenty of times that any continuation of the weather beyond this season warns of a continued cooling trend. When our model is showing Global Cooling and 2019 has broken so many records, then there is a risk of a pending bull market in the price of food. This is something rather important enough to put on the agenda but governments prefer to listen to the Global Warming crowd to justify taxes.