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Repeal the Mask Mandate

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NYMaskMandateSign 300x225

A giant billboard has been placed in Times Square, asking Joe Biden to repeal the mask mandates. “Hey Joe! Even your home state is ditching the mask requirements. Isn’t it time you do the same?!” the billboard reads. The Job Creators Network (JCN) erected the ad and has been a large opponent of mandates. They have been very effective in making progress. The website states:

“In the Biden Administration’s latest offensive in the war on small business, the White House, through the Department of Labor, attempted to impose a de facto vaccine mandate that would impact more than 80 million private sector employees—many of which work at small businesses. JCN was the first business group to file legal action against the executive overreach and, now, the Supreme Court has blocked the rule.”

The Job Creation Network sued the Biden Administration for forcing people out of the workforce by requiring vaccine mandates. “The federal government doesn’t have the power to require small businesses to carry out its de facto national vaccine mandate. JCN’s lawsuit intends to block this federal power grab,” the group said. A judge agreed that Biden’s mandate was an abuse of power and repealed the Executive Order – resistance is not futile.