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Pure Blooded Meets Let’s Go Brandon

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Brandon Hat

Let’s Go Brandon now is 4 out of the top 10 songs on the hit list. This is a warning that the country really is divided far more than they are letting on. The Virginia governor race could be a major upset for the Democrats if the GOP wins a blue state.

Now there is a song out, “Pure Blooded,” which is the term they have adopted for the non-vaxed. Meanwhile, NYC was forced to close 26 fire stations because the firefighters walked out rather than be vaccinated. These people think they can force the people to keep getting vaccines every six months for the rest of their lives. In Australia, Andrews is already hinting that without boosters, you will lose all your rights. When the majority of the vaccinated see what is really behind this is not health but control, the 2022 election may be really hot.