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Pfizer Vaccine Linked to First Death & Birth Defects

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The British report on side effects has confirmed well over 100,000 people have been impacted by the vaccines and confirmed that they might cause birth defects as well as blindness. Many young women have serious trouble with menstrual disorders. Indeed, locally, I am aware of one such case in a girl of just 25-years-old.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, doctors have confirmed the first death due to the Pfizer vaccine. A woman died following complications with myocarditis that experts believe was prompted by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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I am not anti-vax. But this one seriously bothers me because Gates has rigged the game, and he controls the complete narrative. Because the government is involved, there is no protection or independent studies. Politicians will NEVER back off, and even if 25% of the population died, they would probably blame Trump.

Nancy Pelosi Impeach Trump

The joke on the Hill is the failure in Afghanistan has kept Pelosi up at night, trying to figure a way she can retroactively impeach Trump. This is our REAL problem with these vaccines. They skipped the animal trials and moved directly to testing the public. That means there is NO WAY these politicians will ever admit a mistake. Just not going to happen! Granted, considering all the people who have been vaccinated, the death rate is low. But that does not excuse the fact that testing should have been carried out, and under no circumstances should a vaccine of this nature ever be MANDATORY. This is not smallpox confined to only humans.