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Pfizer Vaccine Fails Against the Delta Variant

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Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant has failed on a grand level. The emails coming are confirmed that about 50% of the people in Britain with the new Delta Variant have already been vaccinated. In Israel, 1,000  people with the Delta Variant have been vaccinated. Back in June, they were trying to minimize those who were vaccinated as dying from the Delta Variant. They were reporting “only 26 people have died” who were fully vaccinated. Now they are trying to claim that of people hospitalized, a “majority are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated“.


Australia is using fear tactics on a monumental scale. Yet nobody will do the real research that comes with any drug – the warning do not take this if you are on some other medicine. They are just vaccinating anyone and could care less about those who are dying or are seriously injured. Why are governments allowing this to take place? Have they been bribed to look the other way?



The Biden Administration flat-outright refuses to investigate or fire Fauci because this has all become so political, they would rather put our lives at risk than to protect us for what they were elected to do. Then Fauci appears in Schwab’s videos promoting the Great Reset claiming the “equality” is the number one problem so we need Marxism? There is nobody to investigate anything and I know for a fact that people were told in advance a virus was coming.



All viruses MUTATE and once this was released, probably intentionally to further the Great Reset, they may not have known what they have done. There is just NOBODY in government we can trust anymore to even protect humanity or their own families.