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Pfizer Creating COVID Pills you Take Daily + Vaccine

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Pfizer Pills for COVID

Pfizer Pills

Pfizer is now looking to come out with a pill you take daily in addition to your vaccine for COVID. Clearly, this virus has been so exploited it is amazing. At least Europe tracks the death from their vaccines and those injured. So, what is the objective here? The vaccines do not work so we now also take pills?

If Bill Gates gets just $1 from every shot and pill, he is on his way to becoming not just the richest man now, but the richest man in 6,000 years of recorded history. He will indeed become the global czar of health without ever having to go to medical school. Doctors bow to kiss his feet and listen to every word he says for obviously, he knows more about health and viruses than anyone else on the planet ever in all recorded history.

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Perhaps something will go wrong for our computer projects that Pfizer stock is not destined for some perpetual bull market ahead. Shareholders of Pfizer – BEWARE 2022!