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Moderna Developing Dangerous Flu Vaccine

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Moderna, the company that produced its first vaccine amid Operation Warp Speed, has plans to release another risky injectable. The company is working on another mRNA vaccine to combat the common flu called mRNA-1010. Moderna is currently in phase two of the trial for the unnecessary vaccine, and there are already major red flags. Those who received the mRNA-1010 vaccine were twice as likely to experience side effects than those who received Afluria, the standard flu vaccine. The adverse side effects were experienced across every age group.

Why would the most vulnerable in our population take a vaccine that is proven to cause twice as much harm as the currently available one? Answer: coercion and fear for profits.

The company also plans to develop a vaccine that combines the unknown chemicals of the COVID vaccine with its flu vaccine. Novavax is already in phase one of a trial for a combination vaccine. The COVID narrative suddenly disappeared from the mainstream media the day Russian troops lined the border of Ukraine, but do not forget governments still plan to use the virus as a significant component of their toolkit to control the people.