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Make-A-Wish Denies Unvaccinated Boy’s Dying Wish – Don’t Donate to Them!

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The hatred toward the unvaccinated population has become so alarming that the risk of violence is imminent. Heartbreakingly, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has refused a 4-year-old child his dying wish because he is not vaccinated. Rocco, a terminally ill boy from Staten Island, New York, wanted to meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World, as many kids do.

Not to worry – Rocco will have a chance to meet Mickey and friends. Wigs and Wishes, a more ethical non-profit organization, will pay for Rocco and his family to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation quickly retracted its policy to deny end of life wishes to unvaccinated children. However, the company’s “vaccine policy” still prevents unvaccinated children from large gatherings or air travel. “Make-A-Wish’s recent decision regarding how to begin to lift some restrictions for wishes involving air travel and large gatherings was made to protect the health of children with critical illnesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic […] There are many other wish options for children who do not currently meet the requirements for air travel and events involving large gatherings,” the company stated.

This child is terminally ill, under 5, and likely cannot risk any adverse reactions from the vaccine. This is not about preventing COVID from spreading but rather another attempt to punish those who chose not to be vaccinated.