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It is Time to End the Nonsense About the Vaccines

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Psaki Hen


While the Veteran Administration is mandating vaccines for all its staff, the White House last Friday refused to release the number of COVID-19 infections among vaccinated staff, known as breakthrough cases after one aide tested positive earlier last week, and some reporters pressed for greater disclosure. They simply do not want to confront the truth that nearly 50% of the people in the UK with the Delta variant have been fully vaccinated. Israel is reporting that the vaccines are only 39% effective. Nearly 600 fully vaccinated people in Illinois are in the hospital of which 159 have died of a COVID Variant.  Then America’s Frontline Doctors have filed suit to stop the vaccines that are experimental and should NEVER have been made political.

It is time to stop the Bullshit

The government is Supposed to Stand Between us & Big Pharm not on their side against the people