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Fauci Actually For Once Spoke the Truth – Do Not Vaccinate Your Children

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These are experimental vaccines that have NEVER before been approved, nor tested on such a wide scale of human society. Fauci admits that they used vaccines just a few years ago that made children more likely to get the disease. Our problem is that the politicians have used this as part of the agenda to force Schwab’s Great Reset. I have spoken to others in the documentary film industry who also had information in advance that a “virus was coming.”

With the track record of vaccines, it takes 12 years normally to get approval from the FDA – not months or weeks. Do not experiment with your children. I have four grandchildren who got COVID as did their parents. The children had very mild symptoms compared to their parents who were sick for about 10 days. When they met others who were vaccinated and still got sick, they did not get sick thanks to their natural immunity.

Any doctor who tells you the political line, find another for they have surrendered all medical training for politics and peer pressure. This is not high school. CAUTION should be the wise decision of a parent. We do not know if these vaccines will still be considered safe 2 years from now. Independent analysis is already warning that these vaccines are not safe for humans. To think that politicians are mandating them with huge penalties without any understanding of the long-term impact is disgraceful and may prove to be a crime against humanity.