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COVID & Infertility

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The governor of Arkansas brought up the #1 question that has been rising more than anything – do the vaccines result in infertility? You have to listen to the words of this doctor “at this time” she claims there is no medical evidence that the vaccines cause infertility. What she then says in the most unethical manner possible:

“There’s no evidence that the vaccines cause infertility, but Covid-19 might cause it…”

I personally know of two incidents involving pregnancy. My neighbors both had COVID and they got over it in about a week. His wife was pregnant. The baby girl was born and she is fine. There were no problems with her pregnancy. Another friend’s wife was pregnant and the doctor in Philadelphia told her the child would “probably” be deformed because she had COVID and she should abort the child. They went to another doctor and the child was fine. Have some doctors been so brainwashed that COVID is a threat to pregnancy so the solution is to be vaccinated?

Another friend who is about 70, was vaccinated. After nearly 2 months, he was rushed to the hospital where first they thought he had a stroke. Then his condition changed and they thought it was a heart attack. Then it changed again and they thought it was kidneys. Some people being hospitalized after vaccination are reporting similar problems where various organs are just shutting down. In this case, the doctors are completely mystified and all they can do is watch. This may be a small percentage, but there is no study to say is you have x, y, or z, do not vaccinate.

The truth is, there is NO proof that these vaccines DO NOT impact fertility and something is very strange with this entire push for 100% vaccination. It is totally unethical to qualify the response saying “at this time” because nobody has yet conducted a study. The head of Moderna said BECAUSE they were working with Gates for years, they were able to sequence the vaccine in just 2 days. Because the common cold is a coronavirus, they also cannot cure, studies show that this in itself may provide immunity. Meanwhile, during the election, Biden said ONE DEATH was too much and Trump should not be elected. Now they cheer deaths to push this vaccination from people who always lie about everything.

Gates Population Control


Excuse me if I am skeptical, but it is no secret that Gates’ #1 concern has been overpopulation. He is not interested in helping humanity have more children or live longer. The FDA, which takes money from Gates’ foundation, is doing everything possible to ensure people are NOT treated to save their lives, but the ONLY solution is Gates’ vaccines. When you try to get information, the immediate claim is the vaccines do not impact fertility. But there is no study to prove that because they have not been in use long enough. This in itself is misinformation for nobody has PROVEN that this is a false claim. In studies they are putting forth, there are always qualifications.

“Currently. there is no information in the medical literature which examined semen analysis parameters following the COVD-19 vaccine.”

This simply does not deny that there may be problems in the future. They all say “currently” or “at this time” which are legal qualifications that do not preclude a future determination – OOPS – we didn’t know. Sorry about that!